Meet the Team


Sue Claridge


Sue founded the business in 2017. She is passionate about having a happy team as believes that will translate to happy customers too.

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Andrei Romagna

Operations Manager

Andrei is an experienced manager overseeing the Operations of the business with a focus on ensuring our customers are fully supported. 


Gustavo Daolio 

Marketing Manager

Gustavo is responsible for promoting the CleanAgent brand and values to new and existing customers. There's nobody better on social media!


Rosa Goncalves


Rosa is very experienced in the world of cleaning. She oversees our training of new staff and ensures high standards are always met. 


Abelardo Giugni

Logistics Supervisor - products & equipment

Abelardo (or 'Dino' for short) oversees making sure we always have the right products and equipment to do each clean (which is no small job!)


Julia Junho


Julia helps to recruit new cleaning staff into the business and makes sure newbies feel welcome from their first day.

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Genice Cavalcante

Cleaning Supervisor

Genice is one of our amazing supervisors who ensures we consistently do a great job for our wonderful customers.


Eliane Turatto

Cleaning Supervisor

Eliane is one of our supervisors, working with customers and cleaners alike. She's a superstar and always makes sure that the place is left shining!


Ingrid Francischetti

Cleaning Supervisor

Ingrid is a key member of the team, working with both customers and our cleaners. She's the calmest person under pressure that we know!