Terms and Conditions of CleanAgent Ltd Services

  1. The Contractor agrees to carry out such work for the Client following the terms and conditions set out in this agreement. It is hereby agreed that:

  2. The Contractor will carry out such work as is detailed in the Cleaning Schedule at the premises of the Client

  3. The Contractor will invoice the Client and the Client will pay the Contractor the contract price for such services. All prices are subject to VAT at the prevailing rate. Such payment shall be made to the Contractor within 15 days of the receipt of the invoice. 

  4. This agreement shall continue in all its terms and conditions for twelve months and then from year to year until terminated, by either party, by giving at least 2 months’ notice. However, both parties have the right to cancel the contract with one month’s notice within the first two months of the commencement of the contract. The client should address such notice to the Contractor in writing. In the event of the contract being terminated by the Client, without proper notice, the Client shall be liable to pay to the Contractor, in lieu of such notice, an amount equal to the payment that would have been due to the Contractor had the Client given the required notice and the Contractor continued to perform its obligations under the contract throughout the required period of notice. 

  5. In the event of the Client terminating the contract without proper notice, the Contractor shall require the Client to meet any redundancy payments that it may be liable for under the current Employees Protection Act.

  6. The Contractor shall not be liable or responsible for any omission or neglect to clean through circumstances which it could not reasonably have foreseen including without prejudice to the generality of the foregoing strikes, lock-outs, accidents of employees or Force Majeure.

  7. A failure by the Contractor to perform its obligations under this Agreement by reasons of fire, explosion, accident, mechanical breakdown, interruption to the supply of materials, epidemic, industrial dispute or any other cause outside the Contractor’s control will not constitute a breach of this Agreement.

  8. The Contractor shall supply all supervision, labour, utensils, materials and machines and confirms that its legal liabilities to its employees and to the general public are insured under employer’s liability and public liability policies.

  9. The Contractor shall not be liable for any damage or injury to the Client’s property or employees or other person on the premises unless it shall be proved to have been caused by or resulted from a negligent act by the Contractor's employees and full particulars in writing of such damage have been sent to the Contractor within 30 days after the occurrence of the damage.

  10. The Client Shall provide, free of charge, all lighting, heating, hot water and any other  facilities which may reasonably be required by the contractor. The Client shall provide, free of charge, suitable and safe accommodation for such equipment and materials as the Contractor wishes to leave on the Client’s premises.

  11. Where possible, the Contractor will send the same employee to clean the premises, although this may change from time to time and for holiday and sickness cover.

  12. The Client may not directly employ any employee of the Contractor, who has worked at the Client’s premises, for 6 months after the end of the contract period between the Client and the Contractor.

  13. The Contractor and Contractor’s staff will regard confidential and will not disclose at any time to any person other than a person authorised by the Client any information connected with the Client’s business.

  14. Any additional modification or alteration to this agreement shall have the effect of being part of this agreement provided that such additional modification or alteration whenever made shall be in writing and signed by both parties and to be attached hereto.

  15. The contents and interpretation of this document should be construed in accordance with the principles of English Law. In the event of any dispute, at the request of either of the parties, an arbitrator may be appointed by the Institute of Arbitrators in accordance with the provisions of the Arbitration Act 1950 or any statutory modification or re-enactment thereof for the time being in force.

  16. Additional hours requested will be charged at a pre-agreed hourly rate. Where additional hours have been requested and cancelled with less than 24 hours from the agreed time of the visit, 50% of the amount will be charged.